Driver jobs in 2023: Has working abroad become normal?

Job offers for professional drivers of the CE category at home and abroad.

The job of driver in 2023 still remains one of the most in-demand professions in Europe.

More and more people are choosing to work abroad, and countries such as Germany are among the most common destinations for work migration. Has working abroad become normal? What are the challenges drivers face?

working in germany

Work abroad for drivers has become more popular over the last decade or so. Drivers often take a job in another country to earn more money or to gain new experience. One country where this work has become very popular is Germany.

There are many advantages to working as a driver in Germany. Drivers are paid an attractive salary and German legislation provides drivers with various social benefits, such as health and pension insurance. German transport companies also often provide additional training for drivers to help them develop their skills.

working in germany

However, like any job, working as a driver in Germany has its challenges. Drivers have to cope with long working hours and time spent in the car. In addition, they have to comply with German road safety regulations, which can be a challenge for some drivers.

Some drivers from Poland who work in Germany may also encounter cultural and linguistic difficulties. However, they usually adapt quickly to the new conditions and begin to enjoy working abroad.


Working as a driver in Germany is a well-paid job with many benefits. German transport companies offer a lot of additional training and social benefits, which attracts more and more drivers. However, like any job, working as a driver in Germany has its challenges, such as long working hours and complying with road safety regulations. Therefore, before deciding to work abroad, it is worth considering carefully whether such a job suits your needs and expectations.